Rice Noodle Machine Troubleshooting

date: 2018-04-12    writer:Sherry

Rice Noodle Machine Troubleshooting

Many customer will meet some problems when using the rice noodle machine, and they don’t know how to solve, we have listed some common problems and proposed solutions here.
1. The rice noodle machine can not heat
Cause: The heater is damaged or the alternator is damaged. Replace the damaged part.
2. Sometimes the rice noodle is raw, sometimes the rice noodle is cooked.
Cause: The conveyor belt is loose. Fasten the conveyor belt.
3. The spindle sound is too loud during working.
Cause: The bearing is bad and the bearing needs to be replaced.
4.Rice noodle is not mature, easy to disconnect.
Reason: The flour slurry has large water content, large extrusion holes, and screw shaft wear. The solution is to reduce the water content and replace the screw shaft.
5. The temperature indicator is abnormal, flickering
Cause: The temperature sensor is damaged or the temperature meter is damaged, you need to replace these parts.
These are problems that may be encountered during the operation. We hope these can help you. If you have other questions, please contact us. We will provide you with solutions.
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