Why The Rice Noodles Easy to Break?

date: 2018-03-20    writer:Sherry

rice noodle maker machine
After buy the rice noodle maker machine,some customers reflect that the rice noodle made by the rice noodle machine is not good than handmade, it is easy to break, in fact, this is not a  problem about the machine, but the operation, there are two main reasons:
1. The time of steaming is not enough, when you steaming rice noodles, the solidification of raw materials does not mean that the rice noodles matures, you should adjust the steaming time and temperature according to the condition of the cold rice noodles , and the production of the rice noodles, can not be exposed to the air, also can not be placed in the fridge, these two ways, will make the noodle easy to broken.
2. Precipitation problems, in the preparation of raw materials, if the precipitation time does not meet the requirements, resulting in too much moisture content, or to the hopper is not stirring evenly, will cause the fracture of the rice noodles.
At present, the main heating method used in the market is electricity or gas heating. One of the electric heating simple and fast, by the customer's favorite.However, to produce high-quality rice noodle, the need for high temperature, if the temperature has not reached, there will be "steaming not ripe" situation, steamed out of the rice noodles will be easy to break. To produce high-quality noodles, we must strictly follow the machine's operating procedures, can not omit the steps, otherwise the production of rice noodles quality is not good.
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