Analysis of Instant Noodle Production Line

date: 2015-12-30    writer:diana

Main structure of instant noodle production line includes saline metering device, double shaft and double speed dough mixer, disc curing machine, compound rolling machine, multi-layer noodle steaming machine, noodle dividing and cutting machine, frying machine, cooling machine, and so on.

Fast food suits the needs of modern life rhythm, popular among all over the world. Based on statistics, instant noodles has become a mainstream product, at present, China's annual per capita sales of instant noodles is fourteen packs, only 1/3 of Japan, 1/6 of South Korea. But the instant noodles market competition is very fierce, more than 90% of the market share are possessed by a small number of large enterprises. Therefore, the relatively large number of small and medium enterprises shopuld focus on the development of new products, which is the only way to take the occupation of the blank market. In order to provide more powerful competitive advantage, our company puts more energy on new products development, for example, nonfried instant noodle production line, stick noodle production line, to improve the machines performance.

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