Where Can Buy Rice Noodle Machine In Thailand?

date: 2018-09-13    writer:Sherry

Where can buy a rice noodle machine in Thailand? When a customer plan to start a rice noodle business in Thailand, he will consider this question first, but as a rice noodle machine manufacturer, we want to tell you that please don’t worry, if you have any demand of rice noodle machine, please contact us, and we will ship the machine to Thailand.
Rice Noodle Machine Thailand
We have many years of production experience, and our machines have been exported to many countries, obtain the customer's consistent high praise. We also look forward to customers visiting our factory, field test, in order to better understand the construction and performance of the machine, now, let's take a look at our machines.
Thailand Rice Noodle Machine Features:
Our machines are all made of standard 304 stainless steel, meet the needs of each customer and food processing plant. There are many ways of heating the machine, but many customers choose to use electric heating and gas heating. It can be used according to customers' own requirements. The conveyor belt is high temperature belt and teflon belt, the price is different, can be customized according to the requirements. Square rice noodle machine is equipped with automatic cutting knife, which can make the produced rice noodles directly shaped, and the width can be adjusted. Finally, the machine is equipped with single-layer cooling or double-layer cooling, in general, double-layer cooling machine is a large cooling machine with a output of over 500kg. The higher the yield, the higher the cooling requirement, because only a good cooling system can keep the rice noodles longer.
Thailand Rice Noodle
Matters needing attention:
1. Put the prepared batter into the hopper of the machine.
2. Start the heating switch and adjust the temperature to the desired temperature. The green light means heating. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the red light turns on and stops heating.
3. If there is a break in the production or if the speed of discharging is inconsistent between the middle and both sides, it is necessary to stop the work for adjustment and continue to work after adjustment.
4. Remove the moulded noodle from the conveyor belt and store it.

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