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People's lives are always inseparable from food, clothing and shelter, and food is the most concerned problem for people. Rice noodles has a long history in China, and its initial production methods are all hand-made. With the development of the society and the progress of science and technology, the mechanized production mode has replaced the manual production gradually. The production methods of enterprises and factories have been changed, but the delicacies of the rice noodles have been preserved.
Northerners used pasta as the staple food, and rice noodles was also a kind of pasta, so it was favored by many people, thus promoting the development of the rice noodle machine. However, because of the great demand for the rice noodles in the market, the traditional method of rice noodles production can not meet the market demand. Traditional production methods also have some defects, first of all, health problems, which is the most concerned problem for consumers. No one wants to buy unhygienic food. Then the output problem. In the traditional production mode, the rice noodles production cycle is long, it can't meet the huge market demand.
The emergence of the rice noodle steamer machine has greatly solved the problem of output and sanitation, which is the main force in the development of the rice noodle industry. The quality of rice noodles produced by machine is excellent, and no additives are needed. The high temperature steam of 120-150 degrees Celsius can make the rice noodles mature instantly and taste better than hand-made. It can not only produce different thickness of rice noodles, but also has various functions, which can ensure continuous 24 hours of production.
To survive with quality is the purpose of every rice noodle steamer manufacturer, and every high quality manufacturer wins the trust of customers with a unique high quality machine. As a manufacturer, we always insist on providing our customers with high quality machines to win long-term cooperation with our customers.

Rice Noodle Steamer Machine

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