How To Cook Black Pepper Beef Fried Spaghetti?

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Pasta                                         250 grams
Sirloin                                       100 grams
water                                         2000 g
Salt                                            2 small spoon
Cornflour                                  5 g 
Cooking wine                          5 g c
Dark Soy Sauce                      3 g
Vegetable oil                            60 g
Green pepper                          1
Red pepper                              1
Onion                                        1/2 
Chicken powder                     1 spoon
chopped black pepper          10 g 
Light soy sauce                      10 g
1. Boil one pot odf water, when boiliing, add pasta.

2. Turn a small fire after boiling water, midway added cold water three to four times, boiled again repeatedly until fully cooked noodles when no hard core, remove, use cold water rinse again

3. Beef tenderloin fillet into filaments, add cornstarch, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce and mix well, pickled about 5 minutes

4. Put the oil, when the fire turn hot, put pork chops until cooked

5. Takeout the fried beef dish, leaving the oil in the pot, when oil is hot, fry the shredded green and red peppers and onions

6. Put the cooked pasta

7.Add salt, chicken powder, black pepper, soy sauce, soy sauce, add a little water, stir well

8. Put beef into the pan, stir evenly, the delicious black pepper beef fried spaghetti is done.

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