Potential Demand for Rice Noodles Making Machine

date: 2016-11-21    writer:diana

Rice Noodles Making MachineThe potential demand of the market need the support of rice noodles machine equipment, liangpi and vermicelli is a kind of food popular among people, wide potential demand of the market, to enlarge the production scale of sheet jelly, liangpi, realize the industrialization of production, our factory integrated liangpi machine and vermicelli machine, and introduced a new type of rice noodles machine. 
This series of machine has the following advantages: 1, The heating component using the latest materials, saves 1 KWH per hour. 2, The instrument temperature control device, make the process of simplification, everyone can operate. 3, Stainless steel material, beautiful and durable, accord with national food hygiene standards. 4, Can use all kinds of raw materials such as starch, rice flour, wheat flour processing rice noodles, chow fun, liangpi and other products, the product thickness is adjustable, chewiness, delicious can be steamed, boiled, Fried, rinsed. Reduce physical labor and processing costs for the rice noodles production. The produced rice noodles are of high quality, the boiling resistance than manual sheet jelly. 

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