Main Components of Dough Mixing Machine

date: 2017-11-28    writer:Sherry

Main components of dough mixing machine
Dough mixing machine
mainly consists of blender, mixing container, transmission,rack,container turnover and other institutions.
Stirrer, also known as the impeller, is the most important part of the mixer and is divided into two types: single shaft type and double shaft type. Horizontal and vertical are also different.
Single structure and compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, universal use. The dough mixer has only one stirring paddle, each mixing time is long, the production efficiency is low, because of its small effect on the dough stretching, if feeding less or improper operation, prone to problems.
Biaxial dough mixing machines have two sets of opposite counter-rotating impellers, and the two impellers are relatively independent and rotate at different speeds, which is equivalent to two uniaxial dough mixing machines working together. In operation, the two impellers sometimes Close, and sometimes increase the distance, but also can accelerate the uniform mixing. Biaxial dough mixing degree of lower, strong tensile effect.

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