Vacuum Flour Mixing Machine Work Principle

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Vacuum Flour Mixing Machine Work Principle
In the pasta production process, knead dough is the first one which is directly related to the quality of pasta. The process is to let the raw material flour absorb moisture, easy calender forming; In addition to the flour of the process but also to make raw flour through the full absorption of moisture, so that the formation of gluten flour network structure. The amount of moisture absorbed by flour on the quality of the opposite product has a decisive effect.

Working principle:
Vacuum dough mixing machine is in the vacuum negative pressure state knead dough, wheat flour particles in the negative pressure state with water agitation, because there is no air molecules barrier, can be more fully, quickly and evenly absorb moisture, thus promoting the full dough protein network structure transformation, greatly improve the quality of flour products.

1. More common flour mixing technology, Increase dough moisture content by 10-20%.
2. Dough within the free water reduction, rolling roll is not easy to stick; dough particles smaller, more uniform feeding, smooth.
3. Wheat flour particles absorb water evenly, the full formation of gluten network structure, the dough can make golden color, density and intensity was significantly improved, so that made of noodles delicious, smooth, tendons, leaching reduced.
4. Vacuum dough mixer with two stages of two-speed mixing, high-speed mixing, low-speed kneading surface, due to shorter mixing time, and no air resistance, so not only reduce the power consumption, with significant energy savings, but also make the dough temperature Reduce about 5 ℃ -10 ℃, to avoid the dough temperature is too high and the protein denaturation, damage to gluten network tissue.

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