Why People Like Eating Vegetable Noodles?

date: 2017-11-08    writer:Sherry

Why people like eating vegetable noodles?
Experts point out that dietary fiber from the plant cell wall, the plant edible part of the carbohydrate-like ingredients, human intestinal digestive enzymes can not be digested and absorbed, so as to be able to enter the full intestine and completely or partially fermented therein, but part of the intestine Bacteria break down. Dietary fibers include cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin (crude fiber) and pectin (mainly from fruits).

Therefore, eat more dietary fiber can be achieved to prevent intestinal diseases (including appendicitis) effect.

Adding vegetable juice to noodles can not only solve the problem that many people do not like to eat vegetables, but also supplement vitamins needed by the body. And the use of vegetable juice produced noodles more vivid color, taste better, make people more appetite.

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