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date: 2016-12-21    writer:diana

Dough Dough Mixing MachineVacuum dough kneading machine according to the different flour quality requirement, design with different mixing screw blade. Suitable for production dumplings, noodles, steamed bread, guarantee dough more chewiness, more glittering and translucent. Based on the quantity, and half a bag of 12.5 kg vacuum mixer, a bag of 25 kg vacuum mixer, 2 bags of 50 kg vacuum mixer, three bags of 75 KGS vacuum mixer, four bag surface 100 kg vacuum mixer, 150 kg vacuum mixer, 200 kg vacuum mixer. 
LONGER vacuum mixer is mainly suitable for mixing all kinds of high-grade pasta, cakes and pastries. Frozen food includes: all kinds of pastry, steamed stuffed bun wrapper, dumpling wrappers, wonton skins, dry wet noodles, bread, etc. At the same time, is ideal equipment for all sorts of fresh noodles, udon noodles, quick-frozen dumpling, and quick-frozen wonton modern high-grade food, instant noodles, boiled noodles, steamed noodles.
1, The whole machine adopts high quality stainless steel material production, in line with national health food safety standards. 
2, The machine has advantages of good sealing performance, no run, drip, good vacuum degree, convenient cleaning. 
3, Vacuum mixing dough, internal uniformity, the dough gluten value is high, good elasticity, the produced wrappers are smooth and beautiful appearance. 
4, The machine has beautiful and easy structure, convenient operation, stable and reliable performance.

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