How To Make Good Starch Noodles By Starch Noodle Machine?

date: 2017-12-15    writer:Sherry

Many people will be due to improper use caused by the production of the noodles a variety of problems when using starch noodle machine, then how to solve these problems?
1. Starch noodle surface is not smooth
Reason: the temperature is too high when gelatinization , The starch noodle quickly contracted when they came out of the machine, so that the surface of the noodles is not smooth. And too dry, too little water to aggravate this phenomenon.
Solution: Reduce the temperature of the starch noodle interlayer flow, reducing the temperature difference before and after the starch noodles out of the machine. The total water content of the dough should be between 45%~50%.

2. Starch noodles are easy to break
Reason: The starch noodle is not cooked, dry after the noodle is not completely cooled, alum added too much, drying excessive and long-term heap not packaging, will lead to starch noodle easily broken, resulting in the loss of storage and transportation process.
Solution: In addition to the reasons to take measures, can sodium pyrophosphate added to 0.1% dry starch, you can also add 0.1%~0.5% of salt, so that it naturally absorbs moisture in the air.

Potato starch noodle machine

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