Trouble And Solution In The Operation Of Noodle Machine

date: 2017-12-26    writer:Sherry

Trouble and solution in the operation of noodle machine

Trouble and solution in the operation of automatic noodle maker machine

1.If the dough not forming when pressing by noodles machine, check whether the proportion of correct water, stirring evenly, and then knead dough again.
2. When the dough tilted to the side, check the two roll gap size is the same, adjust the gap of two rollers.
3. When dough wrinkles, check the dough thickness ,too thick or too soft will affect the quality of noodles, may be appropriate to adjust the distance between the two roll.
4. If the flour is sticky on the cutting knife, the noodle knife can be adjusted to see whether the noodle knife is installed correctly.
5. If the piercing sharp sound is issued, check whether the cutter angle is correct or whether the contact is normal, can adjust the cut between the cutter and the press roll.
6. If the produced noodles are double, the machine is shut down immediately and prohibit reversing
7. Noodle machine, there is a phenomenon that noodles cannot be cut off. It is necessary to check the correct bite of the knife teeth and adjust the distance between the two knives.
8. If the noodles axis does not stop, check the tightness of the chain drive, the chain can be tightened.
9. If the noodles making machine has an accident and can't solve it, ask the professional to avoid their own operation so as to avoid the danger.

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