Manufacturing Process Of Noodle Making Machine

date: 2016-04-22    writer:diana

Inorder to help you know more information about noodle making machine for sale, here introduce you some details pictures about this machinePicture 1 shows the internal structure of dough mixing part
dough mixing
Picture 2: Pour the mixed flour into this part, and noodle making machine began press the mixed flour.
dough pressing
Picture 3 This is the pressing part of this noodle maker, here, flour is pressed into dough sheet, and the thickness of dough sheet can be adjusted based on customers's demand.
dough pressing machine
Picture 4 Noodle cutting part. From here, noodles are cut into certain size, the length and width of noodle are djustable.
noodle cutting machine
Picture 5 After cutting, noodle will be conveyed into certain height, and keep hanging for a while. Then the noodle production can be completed,
noodle making machine

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