Maintenance for Noodles Making Machine

date: 2016-12-03    writer:diana

Following are some tips for noodles making machine maintenance:
1, The operator should read the manual carefully before using, in strict accordance with the specifications. 
2, Inversion of automatic noodles making machine are strictly prohibited. 
3, Check if there is any abnormal phenomenon of each part of noodles making machine before starting, found that the problem should be dealt with in a timely manner so as not to cause an accident. 
4, Prevent the iron, or other hard material from mixin with flour, so as not to damage parts. 
5, Remaining flour cannot be directly put into the bucket. 
6, Automatic noodle machine operation is strictly prohibited to dig its hand deeper into rollers, gears, chains, cutter and other dangerous area. 
7, Ensure the lubrication of rotating parts, oil cup, gear, each part of the chain oil hole, each secondary filling # 20-30 # engine oil, cutter surface, roll surface after working, add a little cooking oil. 
8, A single set of the nose mill, noodles machine under the clutch must be in stop condition of clutch. 
9, Idle running for 10 to 15 minutes, before winter indoor temperature keep production 10-15 degrees above. 
10, Keep the machine clean after stopping, there is no remaining in each roll and no dough sheet. 
11, Should maintain the gear and rolling bearing lubrication. 
12, Prohibit other hard sundries fall into roll and gear. 
13, Replaced once every six months the bearing grease. 
14, It is strictly prohibited to adjust roller clearance more than 5 mm. 

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