Fine Dried Stick Noodle Production Line

date: 2016-04-18    writer:diana

Here, i would like to introduce you our dried stick noodle processing line
Stick noodle production line realizes an automatic operation production by a series of processing: Brine mixing→Brine measuring→Dough Mixing→Ripening&Feeding→Continuous & Compound Rolling→Dough sheet ripening→Continuous Rolling→Slitting→Rod feeding→Hanging&conveying→Cutting→Drying→Unhanging &Distributing →Conveying & cutting→ Finished Product
stick noodle production line
Characteristics of this dry noodle making machines:
(1) Dough mixer machine is a kind of double shafts and double speeds equipment, has good dough mixing effect.
(2) The calendar ratio of noodle maker is designed logically, and the clearance between rollers is easy to change.
(3) Noodle steaming machine is designed with originative structure, where the temperature remains proper and the pasting degree of noodles keeps higher.
(4) After being cut off, dough keeps high proportion to be placed in a box, meanwhile, it is unnecessary to stop the machine to finely adjust the weight of the dough.
(5) High heat exchange rate in drying, no pollution.
(6) Advanced process, logically&originative designed structure,stable performances, and easy maintenance etc..)

Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in Zhengzhou city, Henan, China. Since founded in 2012, LONGER specialized in manufacturing, researching and technical supporting on complete sets of noodle machines. 

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