Vegetable Noodle Making Machine Process

date: 2017-11-13    writer:Sherry

Vegetable Noodle Making Machine Process
Vegetable noodle making machine
is a group of 9 rollers continuous rolling pressure, once molding principle of design and manufacture, it has a motor, reducer device, transmission device, the pressure roller is divided into feeding coarse pressure roller, solid roll, rolling light roll.
The unit supporting equipment is: flour mixing machine. Pour the mixed flour into the hopper above the mainframe and feed it to the roughing rollers automatically to extrude the two panels and then combine them into the coalescence roll. The thickness of the dough sheet is adjusted by the hand wheel adjuster, the dough piece deviation indicates that the gap between the two rolls is inconsistent, and the hand wheel at both ends should be adjusted to make it even.
The gap between the roll of the pressure roller and the thickness of the dough sheet can be adjusted according to the local needs. The vegetable noodle making machine uses the chain, sprocket drive, transmission part of the gearbox structure, durable, and additional automatic skinning device, reducing the operator's labor intensity, an increase of effectiveness.

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