Send Fresh Noodle Maker Machine to Vietnam

date: 2017-12-21    writer:Sherry

The 6 roll fresh noodle machine for Vietnam customers is ready, and we are going to send it to Qingdao and send it to Vietnam.

The noodle maker machine has 6 rolls, and also have 5 rolls, 7 rolls, 8 rolls and 9 rolls, it can also be customized according to the requirements of the customer.
There are varieties noodle machine model, the number of roller from 5 to 9 , roller width from 220 mm to 550 mm, single head, double head, semi automatic noodle machine, automatic noodle machine, stainless steel noodle machine and other various types of various specifications can be arbitrarily selected. Noodles machine can also be equipped with and flour mixing machine, and the flour mixer machine can mix 15-50 kg of flour each time, and can also customize the larger production according to the customer's needs.

Send fresh noodle maker machine to Vietnam

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