Advantages of Non Fried Instant Noodle Production Line

date: 2016-01-28    writer:diana

Non fried instant noodles production line of our company is of high automation, can produce many different kinds of noodles, such as wide strips and vermicelli, round, oval and other. This plant has stable performance, small occupation of the plant area, and the parts contacting food are made of stainless steel materials, meeting the food hygiene requirements, and the mechanical and electrical integration is also realized. Non fried instant noodle production line and fried instant noodles, the main difference is the micro expansion technology and the technology of hot air drying for manufacturing. 
1, The production process of the whole production line is unique, with innovative design, safe and reliable, beautiful, high degree of automation, is the current domestic advanced production of instant noodles complete sets of environmental protection equipment.
2, Reliable quality, beautiful appearance, reasonable design, both small investment, quick, suitable for small and medium sized enterprises of production equipment. High degree of automation, advanced technology, large production.
3, The produced noodle has bright color, smooth taste, resistant to boiling, not easy to paste soup. The drying time is long, the structure is fine.
4, In order to shorten the drying time and cooking time, usually the noodles line of non fried instant noodles is relatively thin. 

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