Fried Instant Noodle Processing Technic

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Technological Process of Fried Instant Noodle Production Line

Flour, seasoning, water - compounding - mixing - stirring - composite - calendering - steaming - frying - cooling - adding seasoning powder - packaging - storage
Making method
1. Choice for frying oil: the refined palm oil, sesame oil, imitation cream, refined lard trial compared. Finally, the selection of low acid value, composition and stability, color is light, the cost low refining palm oil for the batch production of the oil, palm oil for vegetable oils and fats, it contains unsaturated fatty acid, to prevent the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessel walls, but also constitute the human cell membrane composition and human prostaglandin synthesis of raw materials; food fried in palm oil, taste fragrance, color light. If the matches in the palm oil and peanut oil, while maintaining the light palm oil, has a role in shaping the characteristics of and eliminate unpalatable odors and reduce the trouble in the process of production.
2. Soup taste improvement: instant noodles are popular food, in the soup recipe is developed, the principle is respect for the local district people's eating habits and hobbies, shrimp noodles, dried noodles, chicken sauce noodles and chicken juice instant noodles, but its taste is unitary, fresh taste is insufficient, emphasis on taste. And the addition of several help fresh seasonings, in less increased cost based, the soup tastes have greatly improved, pure taste is palatable, received good results.
3. The choice for flour quality: instant noodles production of wheat flour should contain more gluten, take the will of different varieties of flour according to a proper proportion collocation method is used and matched with tackifier, so as to make up the defect of the mutual and enhance the toughness and elasticity of the flour, to reduce operation flagged a, phenomena of broken bars and the glossiness of the products is also ideal.
4. Transportation: wooden or bamboo basket containing.
5. Storage: should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, can not be stored in the same warehouse with peculiar smell of goods. Should pay attention to moisture, mildew, insect resistant, anti pollution.

Quality standard
1. Sensory indicators: bright color, transparency, good elastic, toughness, good taste, taste delicious, no impurities, gritty, no peculiar smell. Good cooking, cooking, soak 3 to 5 minutes, no obvious breaking phenomenon.
2. Physical and chemical indicators: moisture 2.35%, acid value (fat content) 1.6%, alpha of 92.11, rehydration time 2.5 minutes, salt 0.94%, 21% oil content, peroxide value was 0.21% (fat content).
3. Health indicators: total bacterial count is less than or equal to 3000 / g, coliform bacteria is less than or equal to 70 per 100 grams, causing bacteria of intestinal pathogenic bacteria and pathogenic bacteria) should not be detected.

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