Automatic Corn Noodle Machine Characteristics

date: 2018-01-11    writer:Sherry

Automatic corn noodle machine

The corn noodle machine is self cooked through the screw propeller itself, and it is self heating. It means that no external heating is needed, that is to say, the machine does not have carbon stove, electric heating ring or steam heating. The machine has the following characteristics:

1.A drying device was added to the corn noodle machine, with 70% dry noodles coming out of the machine, and it also increased the function of making empty core corn noodles.

2. The use of the machine does not need to soak raw materials, do not need water to cool, do not need biological denaturation and aging and other complex and backward processes.

3. The production temperature can be adjusted and controlled.

4. The width, thickness will be adjusted arbitrarily.

5. Structure is more advanced, adhesion, safe and reliable, no noise, no disturbing neighbors.

6. Main components are stainless steel, wear-resistant and rust resistant, in line with the national hygienic standard. The louver window is added before and after

7.The motor has good heat dissipation and prolongs the service life.

8. With the unique head structure, it is very convenient to clean and maintain.

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