Noodle Making Machine Demo

date: 2018-01-09    writer:Sherry

Structural features: the automatic noodle machine mainly consists of a frame, a transmission part, and a folding part. The transmission part mainly adopts the chain drive, which is stable and the noise is small. The folding part adopts the patent technology to realize the automatic folding and replace the heavy manual operation.
Working principle: the noodle making machine is moved to the roller, and the dough automatically completes the feeding and pressing process under the action of the conveyor belt and roll. After repeated rubbing pressure to achieve the ideal surface effect. The adjustment of the roller gap is adjusted by a pair of adjusting hand wheels mounted on the back part of the machine to adjust the gap of the rolls evenly by screwing in and dragging out. The users can adjust according to the actual situation and the production process.
Now let's look at the noodle making machine demo together:

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