Automatic Noodle Machine Roller

date: 2018-01-06    writer:Sherry

Automatic noodle machine roller

Nowadays, the new automatic noodle machines are made up of multi-channel rollers. Most of the roller diameters are allocated from a large diameter to a small diameter, that is, the diameter from the first roll to the last roll decreases. This structure greatly improves the performance of the machine. So why is it configured like this?
It is analyzed from principle: the thicker the roll diameter is, the larger the contact surface between the dough and the roller surface is, the greater the pressure on the surface is, otherwise the smaller the roll is, the smaller the force is. When the dough through each roll, it will become thinner and finally reach the finished thickness is specified, in this process, dough sheet pressure should be decreased, otherwise, will cause has to meet the requirements of the patch because of excessive pressure, the internal organization of variable patch. And when the dough sheet reaches the last roll, the contact surface of the roll and the dough affects the smoothness of the surface. Therefore, the noodle machine with different diameter rolls is better than the noodle machine with the same diameter.

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