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date: 2018-01-03    writer:Sherry

rice noodle making machine

As a professional rice noodle machine suppliers, we produce full automatic rice noodle machine is the processing of different diameter rice noodles, is also the production of rice cake . The rice noodles produced by this machine is pure natural food, with adjustable thickness and rich nutrition. The fresh rice noodle machine is widely used in large catering, food processing and other industries.
Good quality rice noodles machine are also suitable for producing Malaysia rice noodle and Thailand rice noodles, and producing starch noodles and other products with sweet potato, corn, soybean and other raw materials. And no need to spend too much labor, one person can operate this rice noodle machine.
Features of automatic rice noodle machine:
1. It is used to produce rice noodle directly, without the need of crusher and blender to save time and energy.
2. Can make rice noodles or rice cake by replacing different moulds.
3. Automatic rice noodle machine has broken the record of the rice noodle processing industry.
5. Safety, health, automatic rice noodle machine has a stable operation during the whole production process.
6. Easy to operate: automatic rice noodle machine, high automation, labor saving and high efficiency.
7. The design is advanced, the structure is compact, and the area is small.
8. High yield, no pollution, safe and healthy.

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