Purchase Points Of Fresh Noodle Machine

date: 2017-12-29    writer:Sherry

Automatic fresh noodle making machine

Some customers may be very urgent when buying automatic fresh noodle machines, so they ignore some notices, but no matter how urgent we are, we buy machines for better work in the future, so we must pay attention to the following points before buying noodle machines.
1. Check the license, check whether the company has business license, tax registration certificate and other necessary qualification certificates before checking the money, and check whether the relevant certificates and certificates are consistent.
2.Check the history, see whether it is an old company; see how long the company is operating time, generally speaking: the longer the unit operation, the greater the reliability.
3. Look at the strength: ask whether the company has its own factory, before buying the fresh noodle machine you should first ask whether the company you buy the machine is a dealer or a factory.
4.Look at the price of the equipment: the same kind of commodity is compared to the quotation, the equal price is better than the quality.
5.Compared to the technical advantage: before buying the machine, you can take the raw materials to the field test machine, and see the product produced by the machine than the quality of the goods. Now, there are many kinds of noodle machines in the market, and the appearance of the machine is basically the same, so we must compare the quality of the finished product. 
6.Look at the quality of equipment and see after sales service: check whether the equipment is workmanship is precise, whether the operation is succinct, many customers only care about the price of goods, do not care about the quality of machines, and neglect after-sale services.

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