Fried Bag Instant Noodle Production Line

date: 2016-03-15    writer:diana

Fried bag instant noodle production line consists of several machine, now i will introduce some main machines of this line, namely flour mixing machine, dough aging machine, compounding machine, continuous rolling machine, noodle steaming machine, instant noodle cutting machine, frying machine, and cooling machine

1, Flour Mixing Machine
This flour mixing machine is a kind of a horizontal, two-axis design, this device features inverter speed adjustment, PLC. Adopting a thorough-agitating technique, the precision equipment simulates the traditional master's noodle-making process.
2, Dough Aging Machine
The production equipment can ripen the noodle strip.
3, Dough Compounding Machine
This machine consists of three pressure rollers. After pieces of dough are pressed into two layers by two rollers, they are then formed into a blank by the third roller. Material is fed against the analog sensor, under whose control compounding and stretching are synchronous and through which the thickness of the noodles in the dough sheet arc can be adjusted even.
4, Continuous Rolling Machine
This machine consists of at least six rollers designed in independent power transmission for ratio and synchronous control. Through the continuous dough stretching with six rollers, the dough quality will be highly improved and the thickness dough sheet can be equally adjusted to the perfect rolling ratio for noodle production.
5, Noodle Steaming Machine
Temperature control is conducted by adjusting the steam temperature at the valve. Steaming speed, temperature, and time adjustment are very convenient for your noodle production process. Temperature inside the steam carriage is distributed uniformly.
6, Cutting Machine
This production equipment can be synchronously controlled through the simple and user-friendly operation interface to adjust the noodle length and dimension.
7, Frying Machine
The bottom of the frying machine is designed with a number of oil inlets to significantly adjust temperature in steps in order to meet the needs of different products. Both ends of the machine are equipped with oil-removing devices like air knife (and blower) and oil scraper to effectively reduce the oil of noodles and the oil consumption rate of the equipment effectively and thereby cut back the production cost.
8, Cooling Machine
This food production equipment adopts air circulation cooling design. Cool air is filtered and provided by the blower to ensure cooling hygienically. With the highly efficient blower to discharge humid and hot air promptly, the excellent cooling effect can be ensured.

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