How To Fry Delicious Instant Noodles

date: 2016-03-16    writer:diana

The method for making delicious fried instant noodles 

1. Prepare ingredients, sausage, cucumber, dice carrots. Eggs mix a little soy sauce mix well.

2. Heat the pan. Add vegetable oil, oil heat, add the whisk egg liquid, after the two sides till golden brown, cut into small pieces, into the pan and set aside.

3. After the hot pan, add vegetable oil, carrot oil after hot will have prepared, first in the pan stir a moment later, add the cucumber and ham sausage, add salt, stir fry. Sheng pan. Set aside. 

4. Clean the pot to add water to boil and open the instant noodles, put bread in, according to individual be fond of, control of time itself. After cook a filled out. 

5. Add a little water to clean the pot, add three teaspoons of broad bean paste, a little sesame oil to stir fry a minute or so.

6. Sauce to moderate concentration, cooked instant noodles, add, add egg skin and butyl sausages, etc. Stir evenly after ready! Enjoy delicious! After eating all day to open happy heart!

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