What Is Fine Dried Noodle?

date: 2016-03-17    writer:diana

Dry noodles made from refined flour, do not contain preservatives and additives, nutrition has been effectively preserved. Fine dried noodle can be stored for a long time, because it through the process of drying dehydration, no moisture, save the natural long hours. Abnormal color white liner is not good, however, according to the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine organizations for noodle products quality supervision and spot check, found that a white liner is added in wheat flour brightener called benzoyl oxide. According to "hygienic standards of using food additives" regulation, the content must not exceed 0.06 g/kg, otherwise will be detrimental to human health. And our fine dried noodle line can produce dry noodle with high efficiency and stable performance.

First scrambled eggs, add water, put the tomato slices, salt, water boiled noodles until cooked, add pepper, monosodium glutamate. 
Fried noodles: 
Chinese cabbage, pork, mushroom silk. 
Here, a little harder. 
Take it out, put the cold water, dry ideas. 
Fire, first shredded pork, cooked, add bok choy, change color, add mushrooms, fry a few times, add Fried noodles, mix well, in the fire, add salt, pepper, monosodium glutamate, change a small fire, in one hand and Fried pancake Turner, put the noodles in one hand and double chopsticks fluff, noodles and seasoning mix well as far as possible, cabbage not yellow. 
Note: 1, add some good vinegar to eat Fried noodles. 

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