Information About 200 Thousand Bags Fried Bag Instant Production Line

date: 2016-03-22    writer:diana

Model and Capacity: LG-20Y, 200 thousand bags/8 hour

Width of Rolling roll B = 600 mm 
Speed range of quantitative cutter: 50-80 knife/min
Standard mixed time for flour: 15 min 
Standard time for steaming noodle:110 sec 
Standards time for frying: 90 sec 
Standard cooling time: 150 sec
Total installed capacity is 110 kw 
Size for Production line of 75 m * 4.5 m * 3.5 m
Based on instant noodles production line popular in the international, combined with years of experience in WINTEC technical personnel, according to the using condition of the foreign customers, improve the design and manufacture of instant noodle processing equipment. 
1) Production capacity: normal production speed can be up to 70 knife/ minute, producing 200000 package (70 g). 
2) Cover an area of an area small, equivalent to the traditional 100000 package production line length and width, which can reduce the cost of building construction. 
3) Process of advanced design, stable product quality, with the same raw material can produce a better product. 
4) PLC control system design and reliable international brand components, ensure the production line running stable, easy to adjust. 
5) Good material, manufacturing precision, high reliability. Can work continuously for a long time, under proper use and maintenance operation cost is low. 
6) HACCP standard design, be helpful for customer approval. 
7) Multiple mechanical and electrical protection, to ensure that equipment and personnel safety.

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