Which Machines Are Needed When Producing Instant Noodles?

date: 2016-03-28    writer:diana

The necessary production equipment  for instant noodle making machines:

1. Automatic or semi-automatic for instant noodles (flour feeding machine, mixer, etc.); 
2. The molding equipment (rolling machine, etc.); 
2. Cooked devices (cooking machine, Fried or hot air drying equipment, etc.); 
3. The automatic or semi-automatic packaging machine for packaging equipment. 

Second, the necessary inspection equipment: 
(a) Analytical balance (0.1 mg); 
(b) The drying oven; 
(c) The constant temperature water-bath water; 
(d) Spectrophotometer; 
(e) Sterilization pot; 
(f) Sterile room or super clean workbench; 
(g) Microbiological incubator; 
(h) Biological microscope. 

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