How To make Delicious Fried Shrimp Cracker

date: 2016-03-30    writer:diana

The traditional methods of shrimp cracker production is made of starch with shrimp sauce. If uses potatoes for making fried shrimp is also very popular.

There are two ways for producing prawn crackers using potatoes, one kind is with whole potato powder instead of 10-20% of starch, the production process is the same with traditional methods. After adding powder, improve the nutritive value of prawn crackers and dilatation. Another method is made from fresh potato through a series of process similar to shrimp products, called chips fried shrimp.

Following introduces you one method for making delicious shrimp cracker.
1. Fist of all, prepare some of dry shrimp cracker.

2. Pour some oil in the pan

3. Oil temperature of the heat to , add shrimp, keep frying in small fire

5. Fried to prawn crackers), take it out when the prawn cracker change color

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