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date: 2018-03-12    writer:Sherry

Injera making machine

How to buy a good injera machine for yourself?There are two methods.
1. Read the injera machine data. If we are going to the standard injera machine manufacturers to buy the machine, then they provide not only detailed machine parameters, but also have good quality of the machine. In the procurement of machinery, according to you own needs for procurement. and the thickness of the machine material and other factors are also to pay attention to procurement.
2. In the procurement process, you need to touch the quality of the machine through the touch, is not in line with your needs. Also observe the production of injera are uniform, processing level and other details.
The injera making machine produce by our company is made of stainless steel, long life, you can make many products by this machine,and the machine is a fully automatic equipment, large capacity, can be used for injera factories, restaurants, etc., it is a good choice for entrepreneurs .The  injera thickness can be adjusted, after a processing can be directly eat,you do not need to carry out two processing, save time, save labor, win profit.
When you make injera by injera machine, time and temperature can be set to meet the needs of different customers, it is better than the traditional method of production of injera , pure color, chewiness, can be stored under low temperature conditions for one months.
If you have any question about the machine,please contact sherry for free.

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