Effect Of Temperature On Injera Machine

date: 2018-03-09    writer:Sherry

Automatic injera machine

Injera machine
 is easy to operate, high cost performance, use aluminum drum-style working methods to produce injera, and add the advanced gas stove and air isolation moisturizing layer, and also to save more energy, is a high efficiency, low production costs, small footprint, less investment, with simple operate method.
When the Injera making machine is working, the temperature is stable. Because, the stable temperature can guarantee the injera quality. If the Injera machine working temperature is too high, it will cause a lot of bad effects. So what are the effects?
1. Bad taste.Excessive temperature will affect the taste of injera, the temperature is too high will lead to loss of taste.
2. High temperature will also lead to the loss of nutrients, general injera machine at the appropriate temperature processing injera, will retain nutrients, but too high temperature will lead to loss of nutrients.
3. Machine damage. If Injera machine at high temperature or high load for a long time, it will affect the machine.
Automatic Injera making machine is a machine that makes a cake-like cooked food in a matter of seconds. The main structural organic frame, pneumatic components, electrical components, heating elements and forming molds. Start the power switch to heat, when the temperature reaches the set operating temperature can work. Fast, high efficiency, widely used.
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