What Are Commonly Used Cleaning Agents When Cleaning Rice Noodle Machine?

date: 2018-01-22    writer:Sherry

Fresh rice noodle machine
Fresh r
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 working process is a food processing process, hygiene and cleaning is very important, but also for each rice noodle manufacturers must do, then what is the method of cleaning rice noodle machine ?
1. Water is our most commonly used cleaning agent, wipe rice noodle machine need to use water, when you use water cleaning rice noodle machine, the main process is pour the water into rice noodle machine, along with the temperature inside the machine and running, the remnants of the machine can be removed. The use of alkaline aqueous solution cleaning is the more common method, alkaline aqueous solution name NaOH, the rational use of a good disinfection and cleaning effect.
2. Synthetic detergent, also known as surfactant, many people now use this cleaning products, its main working principle is synthetic detergent with the role of promoting dissolution.
3. Chlorine-containing disinfectant, which has a certain bleaching effect, the disinfection of disinfectant principle is mainly because of chlorine disinfectant has a good effect, the higher the effective chlorine element disinfection, the stronger, but chlorine poisonous , so be careful when using it.
4. Ethanol disinfection is the most widely used disinfectant cleaning, 75% ethanol is the national drug hygiene standards for alcohol disinfectant content. rice noodle machine production process requires the use of alcohol disinfection is more common, alcohol volatilize after disinfection will automatically volatile will not cause extra pollution rice noodle machine is a more ideal disinfectant.

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