Stuffed Bun Machine Troubleshooting

date: 2018-01-25    writer:Sherry

Stuffed Bun Machine Troubleshooting

Stuffed bun machine

1.The buns were blocked
The first thing to check is what caused the problem. Check whether the hopper is blocked by foreign objects. If there is foreign matter, it should be promptly removed. If the dough hardness is too high, this will happen. Therefore, the hardness of the dough should be suitable for the machine.
2. Stuffed buns bottom is too thin
If the bottom of the bun is too thin, it is easily damaged when steamed. This is mainly because the stuffing is too hard and the wrapper is too soft. If the stuffing in the dumplings too much, it will happen.
3. The stuffed buns have "tail"
Mainly the following two points: (1)lead the movement of the main link nut nut loose, fastened it.(2) the knife block is not closed too far, adjust the size of the connection of the main machine or the length of the screw rod.

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