Egg Noodle Maker Machine For Sale

date: 2018-01-26    writer:Sherry

Egg noodle making machine

Now more and more people pay attention to the diet, many noodles manufacturers according to market demand in the noodles to add eggs to produce egg noodles, then what kind of machine can produce high-quality egg noodles do? Our company produces egg noodles machine, automatic, easy to operate,highly skilled and educated employees manufacture products in a modern facility, which incorporates computer aided design, quality management system follows ISO9001/ISO14001. Section the uses of aerodynamic cross-section technology (or automatic hob cut technology); to produce uniform color and luster if fine dried noodles, cooked article behind bars road, refreshing, pure taste. Domestic produce the ideal equipment noodles.
Egg noodle production line include:
1.Flour pneumatic feeding system ( Optional part)
2.Flour mixing machine /dough mixer
3.Dough sheet rolling  
4.Noodle slitting  
5.Noodle hanging
6.Noodle drying machine
7.Noodle cutting machine
8.Packing machine

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