Commercial Ravioli Machine For Sale

date: 2018-01-30    writer:Sherry

Commercial Ravioli Machine For Sale

The commercial ravioli machine has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, safety and hygiene, variable thickness, etc., so that the produced dumplings have the same appearance, taste and weight, completely changing the traditional production methods such as low production efficiency, secondary pollution phenomenon.
1. The ravioli maker machine uses a one-time multi-roll forming principle, the size of the ravioli produced by the same.
2. The machine adopts stainless steel, reasonable structure, maintenance, disassembly and cleaning simple and convenient.
3. The operation is simple and convenient, you can save a lot of labor, improve work efficiency, will not produce waste.
1.Parts to be firmly installed, the machine on the level of the ground
2. The operator must wear overalls, and can not put your hands into the hopper.
3. Must be cleared of hard debris in flour.
4. Oil can not replace cooking oil.
5. The machine should be rotated clockwise, to prevent counterclockwise rotation. Test machine and preparation are done before they can connect the power, start running for 10 minutes, check for any abnormalities, until all the normal before production. In the production process, to ensure the continuity of the material. If you do not use for a long time, should be wiped clean, coated with cooking oil.
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