How To Start Noodles Making Business?

date: 2018-01-31    writer:Sherry

How to start noodles making business?
How to start noodles making business?
1. For your factory location, the factory's location must not be in the bustling urban areas, as far as possible choose the suburbs, fire prevention measures, the best use of groundwater, which is a good way to reduce costs.
2. Go to the Trade and Industry Bureau, the Inland Revenue Department, health and epidemic prevention departments and other places for the relevant documents, we must do business legally, health production.
3. Recruit talent, do not think that the establishment of noodle factory just buy the machine on it, as long as the establishment of the factory, you need to hire staff, unless you can operate the machine by yourself.
3. There are many kinds of noodles on the market, but hand-made noodles are the most popular, but as the demand increases, it is impossible to make them by hand, so it is very important to choose which kind of noodle machine.
4. Buy high-quality dough mixing machine, good dough mixing machine can increase the degree of dough, and the ratio of water and flour is also very important, according to the local environment to adjust.
Note: Hiring workers must give everyone a health certificate, especially in the catering industry, and health is even more important.

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