Japanese Ramen Noodle Machine

date: 2018-02-05    writer:Sherry

ramen noodle machine is also called noodle machine in China.The ramen noodle machine has a molding and automatic repetitive pressure functions, according to your demand to choose, user-friendly design, easy operation, high output, save labor, power, energy saving, security, noise, use standard 304 stainless steel , easy to clean, can adjust the speed of production, all parts of the material has a high stability. The fresh noodle machine suitable for self-employed, government agencies, industrial and mining enterprises, school canteens and so on.
1. The machine has coarse, thin, round and other noodles knife, you can also make dough sheet, dumpling wrapper, bun wrapper, wonton wrapper and other pasta products, neat shape, symmetry in thickness.
2.One person can operate, very safe and reliable.
3.High speed, easy to operate, save time, can produce 100-400kg noodles per hour.
4.Durable. The machine is made of all-metal chrome, compact structure, novel shape, elegant appearance.
Material Description: The pressure roller is customized in the steel plant, gear motor with frequency converter, all the drive chain, the machine is equipped with casters below according to your requirement , easy to move.

Japanese ramen noodle machine

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