Corn Noodles Machine Advantage

date: 2018-02-07    writer:Sherry

corn noodle machine

The corn noodle machine is a new type of screw noodle extruder successfully developed on the basis of the extrusion machinery. The machine has the advantages of novel design, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, convenient maintenance and repair, power on to start production features. The machine is mainly used to produce corn-based noodles.
1. Production temperature can be adjusted, control, produced corn noodles have matured.
2. The machine used to produce noodles do not need to soak raw materials, do not need water cooling, do not need biological degeneration and aging, curing and other complicated and backward processes.
3. The inner ring outer ring synchronization, neat, produced noodles width, thickness,can be adjusted.
4. The main components are plated stainless steel, wear-resistant rust, in line with national health standards.
5. More advanced structure, noodles chewy, smooth, non-adhesion. Safe, reliable, noise-free, non-interference.
6. The machine added a drying device, and the noodle machine could reach 70% dry. At the same time also increased the production of hollow core corn noodles function.
7. Unique head structure, cleaning and maintenance is very convenient.
8. Noodles level out, do not heighten the equipment, do not have time-consuming cleaning elbow to avoid the elbow save the waste and loading and unloading inconvenient.
9. Before and after the increase blinds, motor heat dissipation is good, extend the service life.

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