Drying Method Of Dried Noodle Production Line

date: 2018-02-11    writer:Sherry

dried noodle production line

Dried noodle production line
has three main drying methods:

High temperature rapid drying method: This method belongs to the traditional process, the maximum drying temperature is about 50 ℃, the distance is 25 to 30 meters, the time is about 2 ~ 2.5 hours. With a small investment, fast drying and so on.

Low-temperature slow drying method: It is the noodle drying method imported from Japan in the 1980s. The maximum drying temperature does not exceed 35 ℃, the distance is about 400 meters and the time is up to 7 ~ 8 hours. This method is characterized by imitation of natural dry, stable production, product quality and reliable.

Medium temperature drying method: This method has the advantages of low investment, low energy consumption, high production efficiency and good product quality.

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