Automatic Noodle Making Machine For Sale

date: 2018-02-14    writer:Sherry

Automatic Noodle Making Machine For Sale

1. Noodle machine description:
Noodle machine by a number of sets of dough roller combination of form, molding for once, assembly line production, a high degree of automation, simple operation.
1) Gear reducer drive, smooth operation, low noise, long life.
2) The roller is made of chrome-nickel alloy steel with special process of precision casting, smooth surface, high strength, durable, pressure roller with kneading function, the production of noodles without additional aging.
3) Rotating parts using high precision bearings, durable, flexible operation, stable performance.
4) Protector stainless steel panel, safety and health.
5) Power part of the national standard copper core motor, powerful, not damaged easily.
2.Automatic noodle making machine features:
With automatic delivery flour, automatic continuous pressing dough sheet, automatic cutting noodles, automatic delivery.
3. Noodle making machine use:
Produce all kinds of round noodles, flat noodles, dumplings wrapper, wonton wrapper and other products. Production of the product surface smooth, strong taste, cooked fast.

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