Ho Fun Maker Machine For Sale

date: 2018-02-22    writer:Sherry

Ho fun maker machine for sale

Ho fun maker machine
is flour / rice as raw materials for processing. Based on the principle of manual processing, the ho fun noodle produced by machine is crystal clear and transparent, with strong toughness and taste better than hand-made. The machine can produce fresh ho fun noodle of 100-500kg per hour and consumes only 0.5 kw.h ,2 persons can operate , high production efficiency, low processing costs.
Ho fun making machine features:
1. The machine uses 3 level cooking methods, the production of ho fun crystal clear, toughness, taste good, more competitive market.
2. High yield, can produce 100-500 kg ho fun per hour.
3. Good efficiency, each kilogram of flour can produce 2-3 kg ho fun, and there is no defective products.
4. Using stepless speed control, you can control the maturity of output and capacity, easy to operate.
5. Various types of equipment, covers an area can adapt to the use of various sizes of processing plants.
6. The diversification of heating methods, electricity, natural gas, coal.
1. Spindle bearings plus butter once every six months.
2. The heater check every 2-4 months. If you find that the leakage or heating time is too long to reach the required temperature, you need to replace the heating coil.
3. Always check the tightness of the belt.
4. If you find the hopper leaking, you need to change the seal in time.
5. For each use, always fill the seal of the hopper with a small quantity of edible oil for lubrication.

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