Corn Noodle Making Machine for Sale

date: 2017-02-16    writer:diana

This corn noodle making machine is a multi-function noodles making machine, also named grain noodle making machine. It not only can produce pure corn noodles, also can produce sorghum, millet noodles, and other grains noodle. And it can produce noodle with different diameter.
Corn Noodle Making Machine
Products advantages:
During process of operation, machine can produce its own grinding heat, also increase automatic constant temperature heating system in the spiral, ensure cooked noodles output. And the production of corn noodles taste more resilient, flexible, non-sticky, not muddy soup, not easy to break, golden color, clear and transparent, maximum limit retained the original natural flavor corn. During the process, there is no damage to the nutrition and aroma of coarse grain, and you will benefit from eating corn noodles.

Technical advantages:
This machine is of compact structure, novel design and stable performance, developed on the base of like produces and requirements in the world market. It realizes high automation, convenient operation, low energy and small floor space that assure all working procedures from feeding flour to be finished once.

The investment for this line is only one tenth of that larger size equipment, especially suitable to small-size or self-owned enterprise for production corn noodles or other noodles.

Capacity: 200 Kg /h(This output is mainly suitable for corn noodles)

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