Automatic dry noodles making machine for sale

date: 2017-02-27    writer:Ellie

Automatic dried noodles making machine adopts advanced technology, realize full automation, the produced products are of high quality, the finshed products have these features: soft, fragrant, and smooth.It is up to the manual noodles standard, soft but not sticky,faint yellow and is delicious, the boiled noodle tastes smooth and soft.This dry noodles making machine is equivalent to a small scale production line, it will save labor a lot.
The roduction line mainly consists of machines as above:  flour mixing machine, feeding machine, dough curing storage, automatic noodle making machine.

Working process:1.  flour mixing, mix the water and flour, the flour mixing machine is high efficiency, it can be used in many different places, such as school canteens, noodles store, restaurant, etc. It's a good choice for noodles production. 2. continous roll, this procedure is in order to get good quality noodles. 3. cutting, the curtting machine will cut noodles at a fixed size.4. hanging the noodles 5. drying, the dry machine will remove the internal moisture of the noodles.
This small scale production line can be widely used in school restaurant, noodles store and the noodles restaurant, etc. Owig to it can save time and labor a lot.

Here is the working video of producing dry noodles:

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