Corn Noodles Making Machine

date: 2016-06-20    writer:diana

Modified rice noodles machine, equipped with automatic temperature control device, the whole production process equipment is running under constant temperature condition, does not need to grinding mill production of rice, as long as wash rice soaked into the machine can produce the products, high degree of automation, simple operation. One worker can manufacture, automatic feeding. To produce rice noodles, guilin rice noodles, Yunnan rice noodle, rice cakes, zi ba, and other products. Various shapes can be produced (round, flat), processed foods with smooth appearance. Thickness, width are adjustable, reinforcement is moderately soft, elastic, soft texture, pure flavor. 
Corn Noodle Making Machine
Food authority personnel agree, grains, rice noodles industry will be one of the most promising sunrise industry of the 21st century, is the most worthy of investment projects. The number of people for green grain food demand is increasing at an annual rate of 30%, production profits. 

Performance characteristics: 
1) Rice noodle machine can be cooked for long time continuously, with smooth taste and rich nutrition. 
2) The machine is of advanced design, compact structure, covering an area of an area small. 
3) Production process simple and quick, one step forming. 
4) Mixer production is fast, high production rate, type, scale of investment can be decided, suitable for individual, the villages and towns and cities food processing. 
5) Pieces rice noodles machine can produce rice noodles, rice noodle production diversity, vermicelli, rice cake, corn noodles, all kinds of grains fans, 

All kinds of noodles, grains of noodles, noodle color and made from sweet potatoes, corn, soybeans, beans and other starch as raw material and so on the many kinds of food. And the thickness of each type of food, the thickness and other specifications can be adjust according to need. 

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