Common Failures and Troubleshooting Of Noodles Making Machine

date: 2016-06-18    writer:diana

Matters needing attention
1) This noodle making machine should be installed in well ventilated room, the winter temperature should be kept in more than 10 degrees.
2) Host placed on the hardening flat ground, check each part tighten bolts loose during transit, loosening clearance, remove all the hard stuff, in gear and chain, sprocket parts filling lithium base grease, surface filling oil.
3) Adjust tightness of belt, connected to the power supply, ensure correct direction of turning, grounding wire, in case of electric shock.
4) Test run, run idle for 10 minutes, found abnormal sound stop check out.
5) Clutch set of clutch under must be in stop state.
6) The operators must wear work clothes, wear working cap, not reached into the stirring mechanism and roll when machine is runing, lest cause an accident.
7) the machine cut knife has been adjusted, unfavorable for inversion, wedge between plane collar should not fall off.
Noodles Making Machine
Common failures and troubleshooting
1) Dough wandering or uneven thickness of panel on both sides, is caused by the radial clearance between both ends of the roll, adjust the handwheel tomake clearance consisitent.
And noodles are rest
2) Dough become wave, it is caused cutter knife under the roll of scraper loose or too large installation Angle, fasten screws or adjust the installation Angle.
3) Dough roller stick flour, because the fabric of moisture is too large, or blade lock screw loosening, adjust the water ratio or tighten screw.
4) After the completion of the work, should be clear in time excess materials.
5) If work for a long time or moisture, shouldpay attention on rust preventive maintenance and dustproof.
6) Each part bearing should be regularly refill or replace grease, with two months advisable.

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