Prawn Cracker Making Machine Video

date: 2017-05-10    writer:diana

Do you know how to make prawn crackers? This video will help you learn a lot. The whole prawn crackers making machine including 3 models, each model produce crackers in different capacity, also has with different prices. But basic operation and function of each model is almost the same.
Function of Prawn Cracker Making Machine
This machine can automatically produce shrimp cracker, prawn cracker, etc.  from corn starch, tapioca starch, shrim oil/powder, prawn oil/powder, fresh shrimp/prawn etc. in differnet sizes, shapes and thickness with various recipe. 
Advantage of of Shrimp Cracker Production Machine Line
1) Thickness of the prawn cracker is changeable, depend on cutting speed.
2) Shape and sizes of the crackers can be customized in round, square, rectangular, oval or other shapes.

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