How to Make Rice Noodles?

date: 2017-04-20    writer:diana

How to make rice noodles? Rice noodle maker machine manufacturer tell you the answer. People used to make rice noodles by hand, cost time and labor, which is really large expense. With the development of modern society. Now rice noodles maker appears. This machine used a machine is multi-purpose, can produce liangpi, rice noodle, cold rice noodle, hefen, pho, ho fun, you just need to change mould to make a round bar, square bar, flat bar, and other various liangpi products, the single-phase lighting heating, heating up fast, low consumption, safety, energy saving, convenient and energy saving, automatic temperature control by microcomputer, the operation is simple and convenient, high yield, liangpi conveyor belt automatic folding, saving Labour.

Now see the ho fun noodle maker working video:

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