How to Choose Noodle Making Machine?

date: 2017-04-24    writer:Ellie

 Zhengzhou Longer Machinery is specialized in the noodles making machine, we have all kinds of noodles making machine, including the fresh noodle making machine,dry noodle making machine, ho fun noodle making machine, corn noodle making machine, etc.

fresh noodle making machineFirstly, you should clearly know your capacity and distribution channel, if your capacity demand is large, and have fixed distribution channel, I recommend you can choose the full automatic noodles making machine, the characteristic of this type noodles making machine is that high efficiency and save labor greatly.

Secondly, if you are in the initial stage of pioneering, haven’t open the noodles distribution, so I suggest you can choose semi-automatic noodles making machine,, because the semi-automatic noodles making machine can roll the noodles over and over again according to your requirement, so that the noodles can taste more strengthen and more delicious, that is beneficial to opening your market, have certain competitiveness, but the efficiency is lower than the full automatic noodle making machine.

Finally, no matter what kind of noodles making machine you choose for your venture capital investment, it’s better for you to investigate the strength and scale of factory, and the after-sales service, choose a factory which is really responsible for the client, so you can start a business relieved.

And Zhengzhou Longer Machinery can provide you the best service if you visit our factory and we have the best after-sale service team.

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